UNE General Chemistry 1 Final

  1. Hey guys,

    I just have a quick question. I am currently enrolled in UNE General Chemistry 1 w/ lab and was curious how the final is? Is it basically just like your quiz's? Did you find it much harder than the quiz's? The reason I ask is because I am starting to study for the final as I come towards the end of the course and am curious what I should focus on more since the weight of the final is 60%. I have been doing practice questions but I would just like to know what to expect.

    Any tips for the final would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   osualum2012
    Hi I was wondering did you take the final? I am currently in the gen chem 1 class and I am trying to figure out how to study for it and what to expect, how hard was it? and what do you suggest doing to prepare?
  4. by   phpdu
    Hi guys

    I am planning to take general Chem class-I online through UNE, how is the class, how is the final exam and does it comes from the quiz and does it proctar and how hard is the fianl exam. I know i have lot of questions. ANy ideas/Suggestion will be appreciated.
  5. by   04jstewa
    Way late response.

    So in response to how the final was for this class. I did study the quiz's excluding the lab quiz's as well as the end of chapter problems that were assigned.

    It was a good mixture of all the chapters. That being said, there is no real advice I can give to prepare for the final except working out problems. I did feel the class was fairly difficult but not impossible. I walked away for a A- in the class (88 on final, 91 average) studying 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week in 4 1/2 months and I'm not strong in chemistry. You are allowed to use your notes, books, whatever you have during the final that is printed. So I would recommend having good organization skills and to workout each problem step by step so you can refer back to the problems similar to the ones that will come up on the test.

    The course was very dry but did that job and helped me get accepted in to TCU's DNP-A program. I went from a C with no lab to a A in the lecture/lab.

    Be sure to email/call your schools to assure they take this program. All the schools I emailed (appx 6) did take it.