UMKC TMC CRNA Applicants

  1. I haven't seen much posted about this program on these message boards.. I was wondering if anyone was currently in Truman Medical Center in Kansas City's CRNA program? Did anyone submit an application (due Sept 1) for the May 2018 class?

    Just looking to connect with others, learn about the program, stay up to date on the application/interview process, etc....
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  3. by   nurserobinson281988
    I interviewed there last year. I didn't get in....but I can answer questions about the interview if you have any!
  4. by   J_futureAPRN
    I'm sorry you didn't get in! Did you re-apply this year? Are you going to school anywhere else now?

    I'd love to hear your overall impression of the interview process, if anything stood out to you, and if you have any tips? Also, when and how did you find out you were selected for an interview?
  5. by   nurserobinson281988
    I did not re-apply to that school this year--I'm not sure why. I am applying to a lot of other schools this year, actually. From what I remember,we were told via phone that we were selected for interviews. There were a good number of clinical questions in the interview, and there were two interviews and a tour. The first interview took place in the OR during an actual case---it was the old director of the program and myself and he grilled me about etco2 and minute ventilation. The second interview was a sit down interview with the director and two faculty members. There were some get to know you types of questions: why truman, why crna, strengths and weaknesses, how have you prepared for this program, etc. They gave you a paper scenario that was pretty straight forward and there was a small quick fire aspect to that portion to see how you deal with stress.I interviewed early November and they took quite a while to let me know I didnt get in--maybe about three weeks. I think that school boils down to GPA and experience. Good luck!!!
  6. by   jnurse35
    Hi, I applied but have yet to hear back.
  7. by   J_futureAPRN
    I haven't either! I'm trying to be patient, which isn't working out so well . Let me know when you hear back!! I'll do the same
  8. by   bholt
    In the same boat as you all. Just waiting.
  9. by   jnurse35
    Found out today that I have an interview!
  10. by   mmrn13
    awesome! how did they contact you? I'm still waiting to hear!
  11. by   jnurse35
    They call you. You'll get a letter if you're not granted an interview.
  12. by   LNJ, RN
    I applied as well but I haven't heard anything back (I'm assuming that's not a good sign). Do you think they call everyone who got an interview on the same day?
  13. by   jnurse35
    I'm not sure if they call everyone in the same day. I'm guessing it depends on how many people accept their interviews.
  14. by   ESORN
    I was called and invited for an interview on 9/29. Interview is 3rd week of October. Good luck everyone! Would love to know more information about the interview layout if anyone knows!