UAB...who starts this month?

  1. Who is starting on the 21st at UAB?
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  3. by   motherof3
    I will be there!! Did you buy any of the textbooks yet?
  4. by   gatormac2112
    I'm there dude.

    I have only purchased 2 books, the Clinical Anesthesiology book by Mikhael and Miller or something like that (I already owned it before I knew we would need it--bought it on ebay for the heck of it) and the Rapid EKG book.

    I also bought a digital voice recorder and hope that we as a class can find someone to transcribe the lectures or purchase a speech recognition program or something, because I am horrible at taking notes during lecture! Let me know if you guys have any ideas.
  5. by   ajoy25
    I will. See you all there.
  6. by   1CVRN
    I am applying for next year. How was the interview?? Is is tough to get in??
  7. by   Phishininau
    Gator...I am usually pretty good at taking notes, and I always transcribe all of mine. If you can get a good recording, I wouldnt mind transcribing the notes as best I can.

    I am going to have to knock the dust off of this "studying" thing that everyone is talking about.

    I found all of the books through Amazon used books at really cheap prices. I bought all of them except for Miller, which they said not to buy. I think we will be using an online version of that one.

    CVRN: I thought the application process was pretty straightforward. While stressful because of the urgency of moving on with my life and my desire to finish school now rather than later, it really wasnt all that taxing. I think my personal situation and lack of patience made it more difficult than it could have been.
  8. by   gatormac2112
    Phish--I can get the recording...we will get together to figure out how to best get them on paper. See you Monday.
  9. by   Phishininau
    I cannot wait until monday. That almost seems sadist, but I am ready for it to start. I am sitting here at this crap per diem job I picked up and I am counting hours.

    I may kick myself in the arse for wishing away my last week of freedom in a few weeks though.
  10. by   csims70
    Ill be starting Monday as well. I haven't worked in the past 4 weeks and have done more "Honey Do" than I care to talk about. Needless to say, I am ready to get started. Did any of you take the research class this summer. I didn't think it was too bad, just a lot of busy work. Where is everyone from? Birmingham myself. See you guys Monday.
  11. by   Phishininau
    I am from in Birmingham now. I was accepted to the Montgomery component. Looking forward to Monday as well...I am tired of working. I just taking a weekend off before school starts is the best idea! :-)