UAB-Fall 2007

  1. Hey guys! Just had a quick question. Since the letter of acceptance came from UAB has anyone heard anything else? For the Birmingham component it has been over 2 months. They said there would be information forthcoming and nothing so far. I know the easy answer would be to just call but I dont want to be that "neurotic Woody Allen type" and hassle the staff because the other components may not be selected yet and I know they are extremely busy. Just curious and getting a little anxious. I thought all worries would be over when the letter came. For me, that isn't the case.
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  3. by   BAMACCRN
    I haven't heard a thing either.....but.....I understand that information is forthcoming in mid to late February. Pure rumor but we'll see. See everyone in August!!!!
  4. by   tsicurn
    Hey! I'm in the Tuscaloosa component and I know how y'all feel!! I feel like I need to call and make sure I'm still in!!!!! I think it may be because we found out so early this year (Nov as opposed to Jan). Hopefully we'll be getting info soon!
  5. by   gatormac2112
    The other components more than likely haven't finished their interviews yet...Huntsville component didn't interview until end of January last year.

    Don't worry, take it easy, and good luck in the fall
  6. by   all4travel
    I am hoping to hear next week about an interview for the Mobile component. How was the interview process? Alot of clinical questions or more personal type questions? Any insight would be appreciated.
    Hoping to see you in the fall.
  7. by   Phishininau
    Gator is right...some of the other sites havent completed their interviews.

    Last year, we didnt get any info from UAB until around May, I think. I know it was late.

    When you get the information packet, do yourself a favor and DONT go buy the books right away. That was a great deal of wasted money. Study the notes hard and you will be ok.

    As far as books I have used a lot so far...
    M&M Clinical Anesthesia
    Guyton: Medical Physiology (not necessary but a lot of ppl use it)
    Netter: Color Atlas of Human Anatomy

    Thats pretty much it. A drug company will give everyone the Stoelting Clinical Anesthesia text (or at least they did for us) and another will give everyone a choice. I would pick the Anesthesia and Co-Existing Diseases, since you may need it later.

    PM me if you have any other questions.

    BAMACCRN...still looking for you and Louie. What the H?
  8. by   all4travel
    I heard that the letters for interviews for the Mobile contingent would be mailed soon, has anyone gotten their letter??