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Hey everyone! I've been looking on this site a lot for information about nurse anesthesia schools and it has been very helpful, and I hope some of you will be able to help me further! I am... Read More

  1. by   canchaser
    Gastoker, I was trying to Pm you about Akron but couldn't. Can u PM Me possibly?
  2. by   foreverLaur
    Quote from Atlantanurse
    Does anyone have information on the Otterbein program?
    I have heard to wait a few years before starting the Otterbein program. They have a wonderful BSN program, but the CRNA program is very new and they are still working kinks out. Plus, as it stands now, you only do clinicals at one hospital.

    I have heard wonderful things from everyone I know who attended the Akron CRNA program. They also have a Columbus cohort where they allow you to do all your clinicals in Columbus which is nice (the students also carpool to class in Akron). Plus, it's a lot cheaper than Case Western
  3. by   blucrna
    I'm also from Ohio and putting my plan to get into crna school into action. I hear Akron and Cleveland clinic are good places but what about ysu/ st. Elizabeth? I currently work for them but cannot find out how the school is from a student/applicant perspective. Id love any info regarding any of these schools.
  4. by   nfindley
    would you mind sharing your stats? if I don't get into otterbein I may try to apply at Case
  5. by   SteelCity_RN
    I would also be curious of your stats..Please share!
  6. by   WildflowerRN
    Quote from Jasmere1
    I am a srna in the Case western/Cleveland Clinic program. I love my program. We have such a vast amount of clinical experience. Our totals by graduation double the minimum requirements required. We work in a very highly technical environment and take some of the most complicated cases in the world. As a personal bias, I feel that our clinical experience and training is awesome and prepares us as competent practitioners.


    Can you tell me about the program? What's your schedule like? How soon do you get in the OR? What's the atmosphere like there? How are the professors? Are you in class every day? Thank you so much!