TCU Clinical Experiences

  1. Here are 2 questions for you Horned Frogs out there. Are the clinical experiences that TCU students have fairly similar to those of Wesleyan students with regards to regional anesthesia, epidurals, and central line placement? How many does a typical student at TCU do? Any info would help me. Thanks.
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  3. by   Nitecap
    If you look at the clinical site, both TWU and TCU share many sites.
  4. by   SigmaSRNA
    I'm a first year at TWU. Its really going to depend on where you do your clinicals at (considering we have 23 or so different sites and TCU has multiple sites also). If you do your clinicals in california, you'll have tons of central line and regional experience to last you a long time. I personally know 3 CRNAs who have done there clinicals in california who have said that they ran solo and even did locums straight from graduation. Not every site is like that though so you should call both schools and ask them about their individual site. I know TWU wouldn't mind telling you about them all.