St. Mary's University of Minnesota CRNA Interview - page 9

App deadline was April 1st. Any one received a letter yet?... Read More

  1. by   Jtos
    Thanks Hehe! I'd say a congratulations is in order for you as well!
  2. by   godfatherRN
    I'm in as well!!! Congrats to those who got in, as well as those on the waiting list. From Minneapolis originally (in Milwaukee now) Can't wait to get back home!
  3. by   RNMAN2010
    I'm in! See you guys the 7th! I hope you hear good news PutToSleep and balt333.
  4. by   balt333

    I am #1 on the waiting list atm. I'll let you know if/when I hear something. Congrats again to all that got in...very exciting!

  5. by   chrsbr
    Congrats everyone for being accepted or being on the waiting list!

    I'm a first year student - class of 2013. I'm about to finish the first semester. The program is challenging , but you're gonna love it. Enjoy your free time before classes start.

    See you in May.
  6. by   thn4
    Hi all, I have an interview coming up with Saint Mary, I am excited and at the same time very nervous. Any body have any recommendations? I've been told that there are tons of clinical questions by some, and also been told that there weren't any clinical questions by others. Any inputs are greatly appreciated. My email is

  7. by   U RN ICU
    I will be interviewing as well. I have heard the interview is laid back so probably just get to know you questions. However, I'm going in armed and ready to answer anything.
  8. by   CRNA Kid
    I recently got an interview. I wanted to know if there is anybody that has recently been accepted could tell me about the interview.