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  1. I was just wondering if anyone is attending or has been accepted to any of the CRNA programs in St. Louis, MO, SIUE or Murray, KY? If so, are you enjoying the program and what would you recommend for a future applicant?
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  3. by   RooneyRN
    I go to Webster. Webster is pretty well established and the class size is larger, 20 per year. It also prepares you really well in research so when you are ready to move on to the your doctorate, which we will all likely have to do, you have a good research background and you less classes to take for you doctorate. Or say they tell us. but I like Webster. It has a lot of clinical sites in the St. Louis area. Barnes- all clinicals are at BJC Hospital and Children's Hospital of St. Louis, which one might think is more limiting. I dunno. I like Webster, the people are nice, and the interview was much easier than Barnes. Our program is integrated, heavily based in sciences and research. So if you haven't taken any sciences classes in a few years, I would sign up for some ASAP. They really like people have a recent science courses. Also, all class conference is every first thursday of the month. Which is open to visitors, basically a conference for the students on a variety of topics. It gives future students a change to meet the program director and meet with other students. It is a good program, lots of work, but good experiences from it.
  4. by   rlrcih
    Thanks so much RooneyRN for all of your info. I really appreciate it. It's been a few years since I've taken my science classes, so I guess I had better retake some of them. Anyone attending any of the other schools?
  5. by   Hoping4aYES
    Hey I will be interviewing with Webster next month. What do I need to expect for the interview?!
  6. by   RooneyRN
    I don't know what the format will be like this year since our program director changed and she is wanting to try some different things. Know your vasoactive drugs, know the ones you use, don't B.S. them if you don't know because they will know you are lying. Just be honest if you don't know something. know your drugs, swan numbers what you would do with certain values, are they hypovolemic, overloaded, etc...know your ABGs values, what they mean metabolic, respiratory, and how you would treat it. Just your basic interview questions nothing crazy and they are pretty friendly. Good luck
  7. by   iceman1613

    I am currently going through the UMSL BSN program and want to be a future CRNA. My wife and I really want to stay in the St. Louis area after I graduate in 2 years which means either Barnes or Webster for the CRNA program, and those would be my top 2 choices probably since they are in the area. I was wondering what all of your credentials were in order to land an interview with Webster (gpa, experience, nursing certs, etc?). Also, I noticed that they want you to have physics and o-chem done, did you have both of these completed? If you don't mind I'll probably keep in contact with you via pm on this site if I have some more questions. Best of luck with the interview process and I hope you get in! Take care.