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So, why do you want to be a CRNA? I am looking for what people answered to this question and what they are planning to answer. It is kind of like asking why do you want to be a nurse. Aaaaa, I... Read More

  1. by   Hikingonthru
    I am in my second year (hooray!) of my program. One of our instructors has been a CRNA for over 20 years and was our director for a LONG time. In class the other night, we were reviewing professional responsibilities. He just up and commented that Scope of Practice insight is severely lacking in incoming students...that applicants "want a job with less hard work that pays a whole lot more money - we all know that is what you want, but noone comes out and says it!"

    Hate to say it, but I think she is right....many people want the $$$$$ so they go into an anesthesia program. Some are very smart and capable, but have personality issues that cause problems on the anesthesia is a more attractive option to these folk. It puts them pretty much alone and at the top (so they think). I have seen some young CRNAs not yet 30 living LARGE and yet they are some of the most malcontent, disparaging people you could ever meet. Others, who may work in smaller areas for less money, are incredibly upbeat. Others of us just love the challenge...I would do this (were it not for the school cost and lost income for 2+ years) for a box of donuts and a poke in the eye.

    It really does need to be more than just an interview needs to be answered in your own heart. (Especially as salaries start to drop and positions are not as available as they once were.) In a single year, I have met enough CRNAs to know the profession has enough people who are not sure why they are doing this. And enough who are dedicated to the profession to make a difference.