Should I skip med-surge? - page 2

Hi everyone, I'm in my seinor year of nursing school and have a question I would like to pose to everyone. I have been getting conflicting advise from different floor nurses, CRNA's, and instructors... Read More

  1. by   B.H
    Hi everyone,
    Thank you all very much for your opinions and advice on this topic. I just finished with my adult one class and am feeling a little ansy to get the BSN portion done and be one step closer to my ultimate goal. It seems like, from what everyone is saying, the precepting hospital has a big impact on a new grads ability to make it in an ICU unit. Also, alot will depend on my readiness to take on the responsibilities unique to an ICU setting. All your inputs have helped to clarify the situation for me. Thanks again for all your insites on this topic both for and against starting out in med-surge before moving to the ICU.
  2. by   jackson74
    There is a big difference between an opinion and an informed opinion. Therefore, when I want advice about preparing for CRNA school, I listen to those with CRNA or SRNA behind their names.