school time blues....

  1. It is barely a few weeks into anesthesia school....anyone else feeling the sensory overload? It felt like two weeks of cruise control...then adult learning theory kicked in...Copius amounts of reading and research. No more time for fun... This is a hard adjustment going back to school.I just needed to have a cyber cocktail and let off some steam...Does anyone have any idea to get the clock to move faster? Its tiring being so overwhelmed but, excited to learn...I have not slept much...I also know that this is what I signed up for...I can't wait to be finished! What is anyone else feeling? Just say how you feel...or wish you felt.
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  3. by   gatormac2112
    I can't complain....I'm actually enjoying class and the studying hasn't been a hassle like I remembered it being in undergrad. Only 5 weeks in and a long way to go, but so far so good.
  4. by   SorenDrake
    speed up the clock?!? I want to slow it down; it seems like there are hardly enough hours in the day!
  5. by   changed1
    I do agree that school is a lot better than undergrad!Everyone in grad school seems to want to be here. It feels like I am learning so much more in such a little amount of time. It has been only a few weeks but, the amount of stuff I am learning just baffles me. I wish I knew the stuff I know now regarding anatomy lab and pharmacology.I love the comaraderie that my classmates have. Its like having an instant family.I just needed my day of having a fit and letting off steam....feels good to feel reality.
    I am glad I am here....its a solid group.
  6. by   dfk
    i printed out my lecture schedule for the semester, and thumbing thru the packet, when i saw a weekly schedule near the "end", it read: monday-test, tues off, wed-test, thurs off, fri-test... grrrreat..
    and that was only early december... not even end of semester !!!
    so, i feel the pain..
    but to respond to an earlier post, i too enjoy school now, more so than BS, for which i won't elaborate on the meaning of BS.. LOL
  7. by   changed1
    It has been a few days since my last post...

    I am starting to realize that this nervous torture of wondering if I am crazy is going away. It has been 1 month of school with 26 more to go. I just had to realize that transition from high functioning icu rn to bottom of the totem pole student is going to be painful but rewarding. The amount of reading is NUTTY!

    But, I just looked at my schedule again...

    Physics and chemistry quiz Mon
    Anatomy Oral presentation Wed
    Pharm test #1 Friday
    Weekend theory course Sat/Sun

    So...the moral of the story...
    Don't look to far ahead, 1 day at a time, and get a good study group!
    Most important.....Have a glass of wine once in a while!

  8. by   NICU_RN_CN
    Its all hard no matter where you go but keep your head up and study hard. We can all make it. In my first semester we have didactic 4 days a week 8-5 and clinicals on wed 0330-1400 for hearts and 0500-1400 for other areas. Man I am tired already.
  9. by   changed1
    It has been a few more days...
    I have been through a weekend intensive...This is the portion for the MSN.It was a 35 min power point presentation on theory..Brutal!
    I have one huge exam coming up...did well on last weeks Pharm exam.
    Had first day of Sim Lab last week regarding positioning...pretty cool...
    Anatomy presentation went well...Lost in translation of practicing MRI and Cat scans...But still keeping my head high...

    I can't stop thinking about the fact that I have to be ready for the OR in January...

    But the good thing is...all my foundation in the first month of school is starting to come together regarding case management...

    Tired but excited!