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  1. I have a question for anyone enrolled at rosalind franklin. How do the clinical rotations work? I am applying there this year. With sites in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. I'm wondering because I am from southern wisconsin, can you choose your sites, or are you at all of them for some time?

    Thank You!
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  3. by   xX Goose Xx
    They are chosen for you, but try to keep you in your geographic region. I have done all of my rotations in WI with the exception of one to IL and I live in the Milwaukee area. 30 clinical days remaining.
  4. by   davidcharles
    Awsome, thank you so much for your reply that what I was hoping to hear since my wife would be staying in our home in wisconsin. Also, CONGRATS on almost being done!
  5. by   davidcharles
    One more question if you would be so kind, do you do clinicals say 8 hours a day 5 days a week or is it longer hours less days?? Thank you
  6. by   xX Goose Xx
    Depends on the clinical site. I did 4 - 10 hour (12 hour) days at some sites. 5 - 8 hour (10 hour) days at other sites.

    I did 2 CRNA independent practice sites. Some sites were out when the cases were done, that meant 1300 to 1800. Just depends. One of these sites was also one of our regional sites, I ended up doing around 75 - 80 peripheral nerve blocks and a variety of those also consisted of continuous catheter placement. Breakdown was something close to 25 femoral / 25 sciatic at popliteal fossa / 5 interscalene / 3 supraclavicular / 5 bier blocks / 3 median / 5 TAP / 2-3 fascia illiaca / bunch of digit and various others using ultrasound and nerve stimulation.

    Ended up with well over 50 spinals / 25-30 epidurals / 10-15 CSE

    One site required a Saturday or Sunday shift which was nice because you got whatever came in. I did some real sick patients on those days.

    If you have more questions feel free to post or PM me.