Physics as a prereq

  1. I know some schools require physics as a prequisite course so I'm going to take it next semester. Question is should I be fine taking only the first class (4 units) or do the CRNA programs that require physics generally want more than that?

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  3. by   jessi78
    call the schools that you plan on applying to and ask them. that is the best way to know that you are taking the correct course. i ended up photocopying the class description to the school just to make sure. for my school, they required a basic phys class - no lab. i ended up taking the 4 credit/lab class because that was all they offered.
  4. by   dfk
    most of the 102 programs don't require physics as a pre-req.. perhaps the school(s) you're interested do.. if that's the case then take what they recommend.. if not, don't sweat it.. many programs teach you what you need to know in their anesthesia component classes.. my program does such and it is just fine. also, when i was in your situation i asked similar questions and many responses said don't worry about a physics class, you end up learing many things in a traditional physics class that you don't need in anesthesia school.. granted, it never hurts to learn extra principles.. my suggestion, if you wanted to get a leg up, then take some extra biochem, physiology (cardiac/pulmonary/renal), or some extra pharm.. believe me, this will help more than the physics...
    good luck ~
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    Thanks. As far as checking with the schools, I don't have any specific programs in mind yet because I'm still a few years away from applying.

    Do you know how many of those 102 programs require physics? If it a decent amount I may take it just to avoid closing too many doors, but otherwise I'll pass.
  7. by   dfk
    off the top of my head, no, i don't know a number... if you have the time (and money), then by all means, take physics.. the more you know (and remember), the better.. absolutely.. just remember, if there is any pre-req requirements, most of the time they want them within 5 yrs of applying.. so, keep that in mind..
    as for which programs require what, just take one or two schools a day and get a feel for what they are looking for..
    for some good info, check this thread -

    and if you want to, go directly to the website, and check individual schools by state..
  8. by   SueBee RN-BSN
    Are math courses also required for CRNA school, or is it more the chem & bio ect that's important?
  9. by   dfk
    Quote from SueBee RN-BSN
    Are math courses also required for CRNA school, or is it more the chem & bio ect that's important?
    many want you to have successfully completed an undergrad stats class.. as for other math? nah, your nursing math will be sufficient.. but, if you feel so inclined to challenge yourself, go on and take some calculus for engineering, or something light like that.....