pennies for your thoughts please

  1. So, I'm only 3 semesters from getting my bsn. I know i intend on going to to grad school a few yrs after working. I feel it is too early to set my heart on what I want to pursue in grad school but I seem to always have this tug to CRNA school in the pit of my tummy. I keep trying to dismiss it for the following reasons, i was wondering if you could comment on these reasons I keep pushing it away as an option:
    1) I'm married & do not want to neglect my husband. It's already tough w/ nursing school. He understands but I don't know if I could do it to him for 2 1/2 more yrs.
    2) Being a CRNA is completely amazing, do you feel that walking out of the program I will feel equipped & comfortable w/ putting pt's under?
    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   Tia
    First, you didn't get married so that you could neglect yourself and your goals. Now with that being said, I know that you don't want to neglect your husband because I understand why you say that. My husband and I were in grad school at the same time, it was a huge sacrifice, but we supported each other fully. There were many nights where the only time we saw each other was right before we fell asleep. Now that we are both done with school we are so happy that we accomplished our goals and are both proud of ourselves and each other.
    Second, I was totally prepared when I left school and in fact I can say that I was comfortable doing a wide variety of cases when I still had 6 months of clinicals left.

    A person should rarely ignore their gut instinct so with that I wish you good luck!!


  4. by   destined2bCRNA
    You don't want to do what? Your dream should not result in a feeling that you're neglecting your husband. He should & probably does feel the same way about you. He probably wants you to realize your dreams, not ignore them. Making a better life for the both of you is the ultimate dream. You're talking about 2-1/2 more years. If this is your soulmate, you have a LIFETIME together. Encourage him to share his honest feelings about your journey with no threat of anger and blaming. Then I'm sure that you'll see that he truly has your back for this short time
  5. by   FlGasman
    1-I just started CRNA school, after 1 month, it has put a definite strain on 4/10 of my classmates ltrs including myself, ending 3 of those four, dont know about everyone elses, some people are single. a few people ar in marriages and doing fine, you can make it through no problem, you just need to understand it will strain so if the foundation is not strong....
    2- I feel that with 2/3 of all anesthesia being provided by CRNAs, if I can pass this program and boards, why wouldnt I feel comfortable doing the job I just spent 28 months being tought how to do? I can say after 1 month its amazing what Ive learned

  6. by   crazylilkelly
    thanks guys. my husband already said he would be supportive of whatever I choose to do. I know we could make it through it & remain strong I just feel bad that Iwouldn't be able to spend as much time w/ him.
    I'm sure after schooling I would be just as comfortable as the rest of you w/ being a crna. i think that being so far removed from that prospect makes all that powerful knowledge seem daunting. you guys are great. keep on keepin on.
  7. by   DIGNOUT
    First timer here.

    Every relationship is effort- some say 60% giving and 40% receiving, and that's for both partners. If there is a "Friends and Family" orientation to anesthesia school, why not partake in it so that your partner has a better understanding of what you are/have been going through and to further involve him in your journey?

    Don't forget the limited free time you have, and manage it well. If you have a moment for a hug or kiss, an "I love you," or "thanks for supporting me," then take it. Sometimes I find myself using more time thinking/griping about having no time, when I could be using it for more constructive things.

    Furthermore, both of you can perhaps look towards the future pay-off, both tangible and intagible, of completing your education. Start planning that celebratory vacation.

    Try not to get caught up in the what-ifs and the drama of those whose relationships fail- it wasn't anesthesia school that did it... it was simply meant to be. A good, solid relationship is built to last through thick and thin. That, folks, concludes my Dr. Phil post.
  8. by   Je2ss0Ly0nn8e
    i am currently a junior in high school and i've decided that crna is the career for me. i am kind of scared about it already. i'm just not sure if i'll be able to make it through it. alot of the classes required seem like they'd be difficult. if you have taken these courses already please help me out!