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  1. I have recently submitted my application to Northeastern in Boston. If there is anyone who has attended or is currently attending the CRNA program at Northeastern, perhaps you could share with me your thoughts on the program. Also, when did you first hear back from admissions regarding an interview? How was the interview as well as the whole admission process? And, if you really want to be generous, maybe you could share what sort of experience you had when you applied, undergrad gpa, GRE scores, etc. I'm just really anxious to hear back from them but in the meantime I was hoping to hear from some folks who have been there before. Thanks.
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  3. by   Cabodre
    Hello there, I also was interested in applying to Northeastern when I get my BSN, right now I only have a ASN. Did you get accepted or still awaiting a response? I wish you luck in getting in there. Did you get your BSN there also? How did you do on the GRE and gpa overall, what field of nursing exp. do you have? I currently work on a Telemetry floor which is required prior to applying to the CCRN position at my hospital where I work!
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    A few days before Christmas I received an e-mail stating that I have been selected for an interview. However, I do realize that this in no way means that I have been accepted. I know that several people are granted interviews and are still denied admission. I got my BSN from UMass Dartmouth. I've been working in critical care for 4 years. I worked in a Med-Surg ICU and now have been working in CCU for the last year. I got a 1030 on my GRE with a 5.5 on the written part. My GPA was 3.54. Anyway, thanks for your reply.