Need Some CRNA Future Insight

  1. Hey guys I am currently pursing my BSN and plan to continue on to CRNA school once I get some ICU experience. I was going through another thread on here and someone said that in the future there will be a lot of CRNAs being produced which will cause greater competitions for jobs and lower salaries. I would really hate to go through all of the schooling and not be able to find a job as a CRNA. Do you guys think this prediction is true? What do you think the job outlook will be for CRNAs in the future? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Hartley
    Sure I suppose you could say that, and in reality you could probably find some truth in that. However, you could probably say that about any profession. The bigger issue though is probably the changing face of healthcare and the shape of the economy these days. Still though regardless of what happens out there, your still going to make more money than any other nursing profession. For me I feel like its worth it for my career satisfaction alone, I can't possibly imagine being a staff nurse for the rest of my life.

    Plus remember those baby boomers are retiring... rignt? Seems like they've been retiring for ever now.
  4. by   wtbcrna
    The average age of CRNAs is 49, and there is going to be an increased need for more anesthesia providers in the future.

    The school requirements to keep accreditation and to become accredited is increasing. Nurse anesthesia schools are all going to have to switch to 36 months minimum and there has been a tightening of the requirements for RN critical care experience prior to going to nurse anesthesia school.

    All in all there still a pretty good outlook for the CRNA profession.