MY FIRST POST - let's make it a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. O'k, I've seen the studies and I've seen the data... ...but what I want from you "present" CRNA's is what have you OBSERVED at your work place...

    ...have you noticed a hiring freeze?

    ...has the average or median age of your CRNA group swung drastically to the young? your CRNA group seeing an increase in applications more so in recent years?

    ...what is YOUR opinion on the above study?

    For you FLORIDIAN CRNA's....

    ...I am a Floridian living and working at JAX Beach, and was wondering what have you OBSERVED recently in your CRNA groups?

    ...In the past decade, I think Florida has increased the number of CRNA schools (e.g., UNF, USF) in our state by 4, including the one at Nova, have you SEEN an impact yet?

    And one last thing...

    ...WOO-HOO this was my FIRST post!!!! Hope it was a good one!

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