Mount Marty

  1. Anyone apply to mount Marty? Have they sent out interview invites yet?
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  3. by   Ijlindsey
    No takers on the mount Marty thread? Hasn't anyone applied there? I hope not I guess. Sure would help my chances.
  4. by   missnurse01
    Yeah it's pretty rare if people mention that school. I want even remember where it is or why I marked it off my list ! Good luck !
  5. by   crizz
    i got my invite last week I think they sent them out the 18th although I'm not going to interview there.
  6. by   Ijlindsey
    Thanks for the info Crizz. Maybe they will give me your spot for an interview :-). Guess I can always hope anyways. No news yet for me. I emailed the admission department and they said interviews would be sent out last week and this week. Guess I'll just hope that it arrives yet tomorrow.
  7. by   mhummel
    Quote from Ijlindsey
    Anyone apply to mount Marty? Have they sent out interview invites yet?

    I received an invitation for interview back on October 23 or 24th I believe, it came in the mail. You should have received an invite by now as the interviews are in a week and a half I believe. Looking forward to visiting South Dakota! I live nowhere near there....
  8. by   Ijlindsey
    Thanks Hummel. Older threads had comments from people interviewing at mount marty well into January. I think I'll keep my fingers crossed still. I haven't received a rejection letter yet.
  9. by   Ijlindsey
    Well, received my first rejection letter. Guess ill just continue to focus on the schools I have that are interested in me. Not sure I would have enjoyed SD anyhow.