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Hey everyone. I just found out today that I was granted an interview at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. I was wondering if anyone out there had interviewed there and what it was like. I... Read More

  1. by   magno79
    Hey guys, I was also put on the alternate list. I guess that makes three of us for sure. I recall in the interview that there are six to seven placed on the list. It is so hard to just sit by and wait for someone to withdraw to make room for us. Best of luck and let us know if you do get in when all is said and done.
  2. by   ctucker
    I was just wondering what you guys that are on the alternate list stats where. Do you guys automatically get in next year or do you have to reapply. I would take the alternate list then a flat out rejection.
  3. by   brookesbuddy
    I'm on the alternate list for MSA; it doesn't not get us in next year, we have to start all over and reapply for admission next year. I know a girl who's gotten put on the waiting list at MSA for a few years now.......that was a bit discouraging to me. And you're right, I defintately appreciate a spot on the alternate list vs a NO! It helps the ego a little bit, if nothing else.
  4. by   brookesbuddy
    Oh, another question:
    Does anyone have an idea of WHEN they'll select people from the alternate list if they are going to? I guess I'm just hoping it wouldn't be a last minute thing, all though I'd still take it, lol
  5. by   magno79
    Very bad news. I just spoke with someone from MSA. I was told that everyone that had gotten an interview was placed on the alternate list. I thought that there was only 6-7 students on that list. It turns out there are 50+. I was also told that only one student had declined and that that spot was already filled.
  6. by   brookesbuddy
    WHAT?! Man, that sucks. What's the point of even having an alternate list if every single interviewee gets on it?! Well, thanks for the update, although I'm not too happy about the news.