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Has anyone heard back from Midwestern in Arizona??? I'm getting anxious...its been more than 2 weeks since my interview!!!... Read More

  1. by   1sttimetraveling
    is MWU a good school for the CRNA program?
  2. by   JoMac10
    So, anyone going? I have been accepted to Midwestern and am going!

  3. by   1sttimetraveling
    I am also going. I know that there is one person had declined the offer. Serendipity...where are you on the alternative list? first, second, or third??? good luck.
  4. by   beebe2utah
    Quote from serendipity1175
    SOOOO...all of you that have received acceptance letters to Midwestern, how many are actually accepting??? Just seeing what our chances are as alternates...
    I was accepted but am not going because I accepted another school's offer. Good luck to all trying to get in!
  5. by   CVICUNurse88
    Hi! I've read that you went to midwestern for CRNA school. I am from Texas but I really am interested in attending Midwestern for CRNA school. I want to ask you about the program and clinical rotations and about the interview process. I also work in a CVICU and im planning on applying to midwestern by June 1st this year.

    Looking forward from hearing from you!
  6. by   1sttimetraveling
    I graduated in 2010 from Midwestern. It was a 27 months long program. I said "was" because rumor was that my class was the last class to graduate with a MSN degree. Any class after 2010 will have to graduate with a doctorate degree. To check on this info, you can go to the school website to find out. It was a 'front loaded' program, meaning you spend the first 12 months in class and the last 15 months out at clinical sites. For the last 15 months, you'd do 'self-study' because eventhough you are not in class, there are still quarterly exams.

    Clinical sites are limited in AZ. I had to go to other state for my training. So prepare yourself for going far away if you have family or you can bring them with you...during the interview, they will ask if you are ok with traveling long distance. My interview was not too bad. I had 2 interviewers, one from the CRNA program and the other one from a different program, like PA or OT or Dental program.

    The program usually starts in June. I am not sure of the deadline or when the application is due, I believe I went on the interview in Nov, received my letter of acceptance in Feb and had to get my business in order before June. It was a really intense program (not just at Midwestern but everywhere else). It requires a lot of commitment, self discipline but it is do-able. It is very rewarding once you finish the program and work as a CRNA. I know Texas has many programs, have you looked at those? Either way, best of luck to you.