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  1. Hey all-

    I've been looking at which schools to apply to a lot recently, and I'm trying to narrow it down to three so that I don't break the bank on admission fees, transcripts, etc. My reading has left me interested in KPSA, and I'd like to hear from anyone who has been, or is currently enrolled there. I am in the midst of watching the pre-application information modules, and it left me with a concern regarding clinical time. According to the curriculum module, it seems that very little time is spent in the hospital with hands on clinical time. Is this true? Each semester had what looked like a 4 day clinical practicum, and that was all. This seems like very little time with hands on learning. Can any of you comment on this? How much time do students spend in the OR at KPSA? Do you know roughly how many cases you have done upon graduation? I have seen how US News and World Report ranks the program, but how would YOU rate the program?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   anesthesia_insomniac
    I graduate from KPSAN in less than a week (Aug 13th). I can summarize the program quickly. Outstanding faculty, support, clinical experiences, fellow classmates and anything else you can imagine. Not to mention the director doesn't get any better. I have almost 2x as many cases required to graduate so getting the "numbers" is not anything to stress about. I can't think of any students in the program that would have a different outlook on the program. It's one of the only 2 year programs left at a more than reasonable cost. It is truely a great program.

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  4. by   3ccBolus
    Hey Insomniac,

    Would you mind posting your stats for admission to Kaiser? This is absolutely where I want to go to school, hands down. I'm applying to 3 other schools though, as I know Kaiser is especially tough to get in to.

    My stats are:

    BSN GPA: 3.73 (core science courses were all A's)
    GRE: 1120; 570 verbal, 550 math (I know they don't require it, but hey, my other schools did)
    Working in a 40 bed ICU, regularly recovering open hearts for 1 year, but would have 2 by enrollment
    I have spent time shadowing CRNAs.
    And I can get good references from my coworkers, managers, and nurse practioners.

    If you don't mind, I wold love to hear what your stats were when you were admitted. I don't know if I have a shot there or not, but its worth an application I suppose.

  5. by   Missy121
    I interviewed in January and was accepted for this fall! I was so excited to attend there and even sent in a hefty deposit. I ended up attending an anesthesia school in NY instead (last minute) d/t family reasons and needing to be closer to my mother after she was injured in a car accident.

    I loved the faculty, the students who interviewed me ,and the overall atmosphere. The location is gorgeous, they take their time to meet with you, answer any questions, and really listen to you. The want to know what you have to bring to the program and to the field. The length of the program is 24 months which is nice, and it is really inexpensive to attend. Sometimes when I'm sitting in pharmacology lecture in NY, reading the book written by the director of KPSAN, I wish I was being personally taught by him instead of just reading it!

    I would say the only 2 downsides are: California living costs are high and the traffic is terrible! Oh one other thing is... if you are accepted, before you send in your deposit make SURE you are attending!!! Non-refundable 4k deposit.
  6. by   Ibm5
    SORRY to hear you lost your money but if you do not mind can you tell me if they had clinical questions in the interview please, how do I prepare myself just in case they call me.
  7. by   Missy121
    It is a panel interview.. faculty and students all around you, you are in the hot seat!

    They didn't really ask me any specific clinical questions, they just wanted to know the type of patient's that I took care of on a regular basis and what type of invasive monitoring I was familiar with.

    Most of the interview is focused on you, what you hope to gain from going to school at Kaiser, and also what you can bring to the program and the profession.
  8. by   Ibm5
    Thank you for your reply, if you dont ming can you tell me which school you attending now.
  9. by   Missy121
    I am attending Albany Medical College
  10. by   Ibm5
    Thank you missy,
    I applied to albany but we live in florida and my husband can not stand the cold.I am going to stick to Keiser, when you got selected -why you think they selected you, did you have ccrn, big gpa. I really would like to know how I can get myself ready. I sent my bsn transcript, they told me to wait till november and apply to the other College. Can you walk me through the rest of the process if you don't mind... I really appreciate it.Thanks missy
  11. by   Missy121
    Hi Ibm,

    My stats:
    I got my associates when I was 20 and worked full time while getting my BSN( also full time)
    GPA- 3.69? I think
    2 years ICU total, one year in a level one trauma hospital and I was familiar with taking care of patients on ECMO ect
    I wrote an undergraduate senior thesis and presented it for a regional research evening and won an award for best thesis presentation.
    Also I did a medical mission in Haiti after the earthquake.
    I think that I am a good candidate because they saw that I am young (23) and driven. I work very hard to accomplish what I want but I also take time to do things for myself (horseback riding) and others( missions trips)

    Ask any questions you want!

    P.S. the cold isnt so bad!! And at least at Albany you have most clinicals right in Albany a few outside rotations aren't too far ( all within an hr and a half). I would interview if you get an invite . Some of Kaisers rotations are in Hawaii and Orgeon and most you have to do alot of commuting on a weekly basis to both class and clinical.
  12. by   Ibm5
    thanks, I went to Haiti too with university of miami. You are so special, thanks for your help and advice, i am going to see if they will give me an interview. You are the best good luck and how far are you in the program, how was the interview.
  13. by   nurse34567

    I am interested in applying to Kaiser for anesthesia school is there anyway you could answer a few of my questions about the school I am very interested, and I am ALL about a great faculty and from what you describe Kaiser was amazing. Can I get your email and or have you answer questions on here?