1. For those of you interested in Kasier's program (or who have been accepted into next year)
    Kaiser has just added 2 more clinical sites, making a grand total of 18 sites. Each student will go to apprx 15 of the sites.
    They just added UCLA and Kaiser Honalulu !!!! (spelling?)
    So all of the So Cal Kaiser sites, plus Riverside County, Arrowhead Regional, UCLA, San Diego Navy and Children's Hospital of LA are the other sites.
    Most sites you don't have to compete for cases ( with MDAs). You get a TONS of good experiences.
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  3. by   gaspassah
    hey quig is the honalulu thing going to be on for the class entering this august. my wife would absolutely love that one!
  4. by   Qwiigley
    Its a senior rotation beginning this September! Glad to see you are coming our way, Gaspassah! Congrats and welcome!
  5. by   Tonia74

    Hi there Qwiigly! I am very interested in attending the Fullerton/Kaiser program in the next couple years. Do you feel that the education you have received is top notch? Also, it sounds like the variety of clinical sites has made for a well rounded experience. have you lived in So cal for a long time or did you move there for CRNA program? I live in Northern Cal and am just wondering?
  6. by   Qwiigley
    Kaiser/Fullerton program was rated in the top 10 this year, tied with Georgetown. No other So. California schools made the list. So, yes, I believe I am getting a really good education. I selected this program for several reasons, one being that I didn't want to compete (be 2ndary) to MDA residents. I had a taste of it at CHLA and it limited my experience during the rotation.
    I am from Ohio, did my undergrad at Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles. I live in So Cal for ahile now, but apprx 55% of my classmates are from other states.
    If you move down here, I would suggest an apt in Pasadena, it is the most central to all of the sites. AND your first semester is spent going to class 4 days a week in Pasadena and Mondays in Fullerton. (1 class).
  7. by   Qwiigley
    I would also like to add, if you are selected, we have a tradition of "attaching" a Senior student with every in-coming Junior student. It helps with all of the unknowns. Mostly the 1st couple of months, until you get your feet and confidence up. Also, many of us have books handed down.... I bought my books new this year and will be passing them on to my jr. buddy.
    This year we have a really fun event planned for the Jr-Sr. party.
  8. by   Tonia74
    Thanks Qwiigley for the information! I hope to be applying in a year or so. It is nice that there is a buddy system for the newbies! Any other information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again and good luck in your career
  9. by   Hekate
    Hi there!
    I was making a net search for CCRN certification and ended up on this thread about Kaiser/Fullerton, which is the program i am in the process of applying to. Great coincidence (if there is such thing)!
    I have 4 years of SICU experience, almost 2 of Recovery room and am about to transfer back to SICU for the purpose of refreshing my memory and skills in critical care.
    I would be very grateful if you could share your experience regarding the application/selection process to enter Kaiser/Fullerton CRNA program.
    Do you have any insight about the "type" of personality/experience mot likely to succeed in entering the program?
    I suppose CCRN would be a plus, but beside certifications, what do you think makes the cut between the ones who make it and those "left behind"?
    Also, I am an out of state applicant (and foreigner all together now based in Michigan), do you see an advantages in making the trip down to attend the counseling cession versus doing it on the phone like they offer for out of state applicants?(It just seems to me that my case is complicated enough with a background in 3 different countries to require a face to face encounter....but i may be expecting too much out of that counseling cession?)
    They ask for 3 letters of reference but do not specify whom they should be written by. Any advice on the choice of these references (MD, Fellow RN, Supervisor? CRNA?)
    Thank you for any information or advice you can provide as I really want to be accepted in this particular program:heartbeat!
    Warm Regards
  10. by   Qwiigley
    I'm on my way out of the country for 2 weeks, but here is a quick answer. Send me a PM in 3 weeks and I'll try to answer more.
    Do not bother to fly out for the information meeting. It really is very informal and you can be just as effective over the phone. If you make it to the personal interview with the committee, you will need to fly out for that.
    The letters should be from advance nurses and CRNA if you can get one. I would think that one MD would be ok, but not more than one. You are applying for a nursing position and not a MD. You will learn that MD is not "higher" than your position, only different.
    Certifications are good, but they are looking for a well rounded individual who shows committee work and who can get along with their peers. The smartest people are not always the best applicant.
    Good Luck; Q
  11. by   Hekate
    Hi Q!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my message.I saw that you get quite a lot of questions from CRNA wanna be like me...so your time is greatly appreciated.
    Have a great time on vacation (if it is one) and I will try you again when you return.
    Take care,
    J- (Juanna)
  12. by   lovegasRN
    Hey Juanna,

    I am also applying to Kaiser and already had my counseling session. When I called to get my counseling session appt I told them I was willing to fly out if it would at all better my chances by putting a face with a name but they said it wouldn't and not to worry a phone interview is fine. During my interview they said that any certifications you have would make you a better candidate. Good luck to you.
  13. by   Hekate
    Hey, thanks for the information!
    are you applying for the fall of 09? Their website confused me a little since the dates posted are for 2007-08. If you already had your counseling session, i suppose that you already applied in full (at least for the first phase)????I thought the applications were only going to be available in November?What did I miss?
    I'd appreciate your feedback!
    Take care
  14. by   Hekate
    Oh, bye the way, I saw the answer you gave to the nurse enquiring about her chances to get in the program with a 2.0 . You are the only one who took the time to give her information without making fun of her.That was nice!
    Thank you for her!
    bye now