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For those of you interested in Kasier's program (or who have been accepted into next year) Kaiser has just added 2 more clinical sites, making a grand total of 18 sites. Each student will go to... Read More

  1. by   lovegasRN
    I am applying for fall 2009 but I haven't turned in my application yet. The applications aren't available until Nov 1st and then they are due back by Nov 30. You have to watch the videos about their program, it's online, and then once you have done that you can request your counseling session. The videos only take about half hour to watch. I called to see if it is possible to get reference forms yet so I could at least get a jump on that part but they said No.
  2. by   workingforaliving
    I was wondering if anyone knew if you worked for Kaiser, do you get a break on tuition for this program? Does Kaiser have any special program for helping employees with tuition? I am considering working for Kaiser as an RN and am having a hard time finding out about this. I would place the job higher up if I knew that working for them would help me if I was to be accepted into this program.
  3. by   Qwiigley
    No there is no break for working at Kaiser. But the tuition is much better than most other schools, since Kaiser sponsors Fullerton's program exclusively. You will also do several clinicals at KAiser facilities. There is no advantage working as a nurse as far as I know. But, if you go to Cal State Fullerton Anesthesia school, then are hired on at a Kaiser facility, you jump ahead one year on the pay scale (as CRNA).