Jefferson CRNA 2018

  1. Has anyone applied or interviewed for Thomas Jefferson's CRNA program for 2018? I interviewed and am waiting to hear. Just want to meet other people who are in the same boat as me!
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  3. by   KBlilnurse
    I interviewed back in November and have been anxiously awaiting January 15 ever since!
  4. by   Italia61703
    I don't think I've ever checked my mail so much! Good luck to you! Are you from the philly area?
  5. by   KBlilnurse
    Same! I literally check my email every couple hours. But no, I am from Michigan and have just visited to Philadelphia area. Are you from there?
  6. by   Italia61703
    I am from the area. I worked at the hospital associated with Jefferson university. I did some travel nursing and I'm in San Diego right now. It will be tough to leave, but I'm ready to head home!
  7. by   vitone215
    KB is Jan 15th when they start sending out emails?
  8. by   vitone215
    I applied and interviewed also waiting. Good luck!
  9. by   Italia61703
    The email/letter I got said notifications will go out beginning on January 15th.
  10. by   KBlilnurse
    Yes, my letter said the 15th as well. And before I received that I contacted the faculty that interviewed me and they said mid- January. This waiting might be the death of me!
  11. by   KBlilnurse
    I received my email today that I was accepted!! Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   Italia61703
  13. by   vitone215
    Got my acceptance yesterday! Good luck guys!!
  14. by   anjuphilip
    I got my acceptance too. anyone know anything about the program itself?