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  1. I have applied to 5 nurse anesthesia programs and so far I have been invited to interview at 2 schools (I am still waiting to hear back from the other 3).
    I was looking for advice from others who have interviewed out of state. I live in Washington and all the schools I applied to are on the east coast. The problem is each school seems to have their own time table for interviewing, so I am having to make multiple trips back east. I am going to PA twice in a one month period because I was unable to schedule interviews for both schools during the same week. I am willing to go almost any length to be accepted into a program, and I understand I need to be flexible. I was wondering has anyone had many interviews and not been accepted to any of the programs? I have read some posts were nurses have said "I only interviewed at schools I thought I could get in." I am not sure how you could really know, I have heard many surprise stories. If you are invited to interview don't you have a shot? From what I understand programs only invite applicants for interviews if they are seriously considering them. I am fine flying all over the country for interviews if I am accepted into a program; it would be a bit more painful financially if I wasn't accepted.
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