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  1. Hey to all! This is the first time I have posted even though I have read through just about all of the threads here and in the CRNA forum. I am interviewing for nurse anesthesia school on Nov 15 at WFUBMC in Winston-Salem, NC. I have tried to prepare myself but the closer it gets the more nervous I feel ! This school is a bit different from others in that you sit in front of an interview board of about 15 people which include the program director and assistant director, MDA's, CRNA's, SRNA's, representatives from some of the surrounding hospitals that you will do clinicals at, etc. I joke about it seeming like you are in front of the parole board!!! Any suggestions on how to come across confident and any tips on how to win over the interview committee? I am committed to going to anesthesia school and I would love to get in this time! Any responses would definitely be appreciated!!:spin:
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    The interview at WFUBMC is mainly personal stuff. I am a junior in the program now and was asked questions about me, not about my knowledge base of critical care. It is only about 15 minutes long....mine took about that long, but I know some people that were in the room for only 6 - 7 of luck to you!

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    Thanks for your input! I know alot of people who think this program is very political and there is no rhyme or reason to why some get in and some do not. All I can do is go in there and do my best and hope that they think I am worthy to be in the program. Say a quick prayer for me on Nov 15TH!!
    Thanks, LLL123
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    No problem!!!