I start in 6 days

  1. Ok, I got accepted to USC (south carolina) first try, and now all the of the congrats and excitement are out of the way, and I have felt like the last two weeks what an inmate on death row might feel like. That's a little extreme, but the tension is definitely building, so what I need is some survival tips for school, or any other encouragment or advice, once I get started, I'll be fine, but right now my nerves are getting on my nerves!!! Thanks , jeff
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  3. by   London Pie

    I cannot tell you any tips because I am applying this year 2007 for 2008. Would it be possible for you to tell me a few of your interview questions? This is my hometown where you are accepted and it would be a good choice.
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    First of all, best of luck to you in your journey. Tell me a little about your background and experience if you get the chance. In my interview, I was not asked a single clinical question. They asked me about myself, how I became intersted in the profession and things of that nature. I answered honestly, and they respect that. My gpa was 3.4, gre=1020, and I made all D's my first semeter in college, I was asked why and I answered honestly that I had played around and was playing college football, in short I had played. But my subsequent grades were nearly all A's, and I was different now than I was then. My grades reflected the change. I think that was my biggest hurdle during the interview. But when it was over(it took about 15 minutes) I left and had no clue as they were all very poker faced. My advice is to work hard, get good experience, and be yourself. They are trying to choose candidates that are going to succeed in the program. this is as much for your benefit as for theirs, remember this during the interview. Email me anytime and I will help all that I can, jeff