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Hello everyone, just wanted to first off thank everyone I met on here and even those I did not. Regardless of n e interaction, I can't talk highly enough about this website. I started out this... Read More

  1. by   marco346
    Hey Vic,

    I don't recall hearing that but I'm sure its possible as long as the professors keep the same books. I haven't gotten the complete syllabus from ccsu yet.... Did u get the financial aid in order? I did the fafsa n then was told from ccsu for the coa to determine how much I qualify for. Also do u remember which hospitals we rotate thru. I was trying to figure out where to live during clinical phase. I decided to live at the gas house while at ccsu.
  2. by   marco346
    ****I was told they were waiting on st. Raphael for the COA to determine how much I qualify for
  3. by   missnurse01
    Marco u r going to start so soon! we are gearing up for the cross country move in april . Its so weird
  4. by   vic810
    What does Coa stand for? I applied for fafsa but haven't heard anything. I'm gonna be in ccsu gas house too..guess were roommates for a yr lol. Not sure about clinical sites but probably near new haven I assume
  5. by   marco346
    Hey missnurses01,

    As always, a pleasure to hear from you. The clock is ticking on me, only a few more months left. I still have things i need to get an order to start. But i'm hoping all gets done in due time so i can feel at peace before the start of school. I'm sure things are a lot more hectic for you. husband, children and moving cross country. I cant imagine the hassle. But hey, it's all for a good cause. and i'm happy for you.
  6. by   marco346
    Hey Vic,

    COA stands for cost of attendance. And hey that's awesome we're gonna be roomates. Looking forward to it. NO PARTIES!!!!!! lol. Anyways, i'll keep you updated as i get more info on the fafsa. As for now still waiting. I got in all my health form paperwork to them. And i'm suppose to get this letter from ccsu grad school for acceptance at their university and steps to set up an account with them and all. I was told once i'm able to set up the accound and the fafsa thing is all set, i can see how much i qualify for and manage alot of the financial stuff on there.
  7. by   vic810
    Oh okay yea I spoke to the coordinator of the program n she mentioned some acceptance letter/email I guess. Yea I joke to my coworkers about the no party clause ..frat house of crna students without the partying :P
  8. by   marco346
    Lol, yea its gonna b a different life for us. But I'm looking forward to it....where u coming from by the way? I'm from Massachusetts.
  9. by   missnurse01

    By the time I start in aug you will b able to give me all kinds of tips! Do you do one year all lecture then move on to clinical?
  10. by   marco346
    Hey missnurse,

    Yea the first year ure in class. U start clinical the following year. But yea if I can help with tips or whatever, I will. When u start, ill b on break. I have most of the month of august off.
  11. by   vic810
    Ny 2hr away
  12. by   missnurse01

    the whole month of august!!!!
  13. by   marco346
    Yea, missnurse. I lucked out. How's ur schedule gonna b?