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  1. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have been reading the posts for quite a long time...I guess since I decided to go into nursing. Everyone is so helpful with the information that they share so Thank You ALL for that. I was always worried to become a nurse because I have always said I wanted to be a doctor, and I didn't want anyone to judge by saying that I went down with my goals and dreams. But that is not it. I want to be a nurse and get my masters as a nurse anesthetist because I think it is just awesome how you take care of the patients and how it is your responsibility to make sure that they are as comfortable as I can make them. I like to feel needed and helpful, and I get all this as a nurse plus a chance to have a family life and a life that doesn't just turn around my career. I am finishing up my bachelors in health science at a great university and when I am done I will go to get my accelerated bachelors in nursing. Does anyone know or think that this might lower my chances of getting into the masters program for CRNA? I am asking because I am not doing the nursing degree traditionally, I am getting a bachelors in it in about 15 months just because I already have a huge science background from my other bachelors in health science. But I was just wondering what you guys think. I have also been a dental assistant for 6 years now and so I wanted to become a dentist but then I realized I don't want to be in school for another 10 years and have kids later on if I wanted to specialize in something. Also when I would work with the oral surgeon that is when I realized I really like it I like dealing with anesthesia and surgery patients, but I knew I didn't want to be a surgeon so I looked into nursing and that is how I ended up knowind that I want to be a CRNA. Do you think this experience will help me as well? I mean it is a lot of patient contact and oral surgery experience. Well, I hope we all can chat together and share experiences and information. Thanks everyone for everything. Hope to hear from you all soon.
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  3. by   piper_for_hire
    I went to an accelerated program shorter that yours and got in after a year in the ICU. Some people in my class were accepted in less than a year. Your experience won't hurt you, but it won't beat out someone that beats you out in the required stuff: GPA, GRE, experience, reqs and interview. Need to focus on those five things. I think your experience may help you adjust more easily in RN school.


    p.s. There's more to being a CRNA than just putting people to sleep, so make sure you're into intubation, central lines, swans, epidurals, etc. too.
  4. by   LovelyStudent
    Which GPA will the Anesthetist program look at most? My GPA from my undergraduate school that I got my Health Science Bachelors Degree from or will they focus mostly on my GPA from the Accelerated BSN in the Nursing school? Or both?
  5. by   piper_for_hire
    Your BSN degree. Some schools say something like "the last 60 hours of coursework" or something like that.