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I am growing increasingly more frustrated each day I look for family friendly CRNA programs. Family friendly meaning that students are able to go part time or have distance learning or even lengthen... Read More

  1. by   momcrna
    Gonzaga is pretty much one hospital based which cuts down of travel. Cost of living is relatively low.
    Samuel Merritt has a three year option. Both are West Coast schools.
  2. by   ccunurse123
    questions for those who got kids, i'm wondering if you're able to do all the house work and drop and collect kids on school, whilst you're on the course. As the only way it will be viable for us to live if ever i take on the course is for my wife to take full time job in nursing while i go on the back seat and study.

    are school time and clinical placement a litle bit flexible,
  3. by   GunnaBeCRNA
    Not sure what you are deciding to "family friendly" - I will be going to Mayo's CRNA program this coming Fall and I have two children, a 7 year old and a 1 year old. My girlfriend was also accepted and she is due with her first child this March so the baby will only be a few months old when we start. It is a 2 1/2 year program - one of the cheapest out there so if money is an issue than this is a great program, they also give you a small stipend (around $500/mo) and if you agree to work for them afterward you can get another $1000/mo or so once you start money wise...this program is family friendly. Time wise, it is basically Monday-Friday 8a-5p for the first 7 months...then clinicals are 7a-3p after that but you usually show up around 6a to get it is basically like having a Monday through Friday normal work-week....very conducive to raising kids...better than regular nursing hours IMHO. After talking to more students going through the program right now, they have said it is VERY "Doable" - they help you through it. Mayo also provides "sick" daycare, so when your kids are sick you can take them there and have nurses looking over them and doctors will come and see them and write you prescriptions if needed. I HAVE used them and they are VERY friendly and my son had a good time despite having strep throat. They DO discourage "calling-in" for sick they have this service is an expectation that you deal with that if you want to go to school there...which means your husband would have to call in and stay with them if your not going to use that service. Rochester is also a family friendly city. It is a smaller community than some of those Big cities, crime is low...ect. It was voted to be the best place to live in the US a few years back...course I'm from around a bit partial School is a sacrifice for everyone...but one my family and I are prepared for....AND EXCITED for!!!

    Good luck on your search.

    PS..The U of M doesn't offer a part time program anymore as far as I know...they went away from that a few years back.
  4. by   zrmorgan
    Look at it the other way around, how school friendly is your family. I went to Barry in Miami, was in Orlando, I felt the program was family friendly.

    Some people may have issues in their family...(eg unsupportive spouse, sick loved one, 10 kids at home, polygamists with 3 highly-needy spouses) that may not be school friendly. It is a two way street I believe, most schools have family people in their administrations, most schools probably have a faculty member who made sacrifices along with their families.

    My wife stayed at home with our daughter while I was in school...this, I felt was school friendly, in that I rarely worried about my children, or my wife who understood the sacrifices will be worth it. When my cousin was getting married, I was able to take vacation for two weeks and stand by his side. Two of my classmates had very difficult situations in their first year of school and were unable to finish due to family situations, HOWEVER, they were re-accepted and were doing well when I left.

    My classmate and I were able to be there for our wives our last semester in school when they were having their that family friendly?

    good luck