Have a 3.5 GPA- Is it enough???

  1. I'm applying for the nursing program. I have two sciences left. I made a "B" in H.Anatomy, I'm in Chem now. Left is Physiology and Micro- Should I take the last sciences by themselves and wait on applying to the nursing program? Why I ask is I need a high GPA as we all know to apply for a CRNA program.
    I have seen some accepted with low GPA's and then some who only got in with high. I'm done with all basics so the classes I take I need to make good grades in. I'm an A with a few B's student. Any suggestions? Everything I do now- I stress about it affecting my chances for CRNA school I'm driving my family crazy, on top of myself. I'm 31 so I would like to be practicing as a CRNA by the time I'm 40. How did you make it through the schooling you were in while working towards CRNA? When everything you do affects the other?
    P.S. I try to get on when I can, so forgive me if you have had this question recently- I'm in Chem:trout:
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  3. by   Burnt2
    You need less than a 3.0 in undergrad, raging alcoholism, and at least one felony conviction in order to get into CRNA school.

    as an aside:
    I got a letter from Case Western saying they want to interview me
  4. by   Focker
    Haha, the interviews at case western for next year just got a little more interesting
  5. by   myhour
    Congrats, you will have to tell me how the interview goes. Obviously my question was boring to everyone so thanks for replying. I can get all those suggestions done with relative ease.
  6. by   CCUROB
    Well said Burnt2, I would like to add that those last two goals can be attained on the same weekend. :biere:

    CCRN/CSC Baby! AACN, Yall got a kidney certification yet???