Has anyone applied for 2019 Fairfield University CRNA Cohort?

  1. Wondering if anyone else out there has applied to FU's CRNA program. If so, have you received any info regarding your application yet?
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  3. by   YourLocalAsian
    Received an email from the director stattinf that I will hear about interview date soon.
  4. by   ICUnurse395
    Same on my end. Sounds like the interview will not be until mid September at the earliest.
  5. by   YourLocalAsian
    How is fairfield's pogram? I'm not from the area. Does it really only cost ~85k for the DNP?
  6. by   ICUnurse395
    I think it's a great program and yes as far as I know it's about 80k. The expensive part is the living expenses. I've been planning for that part for a few years. Have you interviewed for any other programs? This is my first interview - kind of nerve racking.
  7. by   YourLocalAsian
    Ya, ive ready put a deposit in for another profram but its a MSN and 10k more than fairfield so of i get accepted here, I'd rather do DNP for cheaper.
  8. by   ICUnurse395
    Congrats on already being accepted somewhere. At least you know you're starting either way. That should bring down your stress level in the interview.
  9. by   YourLocalAsian
    Oh ya definitely. I wouldn't stress interviews, so far, I interviewed at two schools and was accepted to both, you'll be okay. But searching threads here, it seems that fairfield is a bit more competitive; ~60 interviewees for 15 spots.

    what are your stats?
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  10. by   ICUnurse395
    Started nursing as an ADN - GPA 3.55/cum laude certainly not the best out there but very difficult program. RN to BSN was higher 3.87. Science GPA 3.7. Total of 3 years in a mixed unit that sees cardiac medical surgical neuro and trauma so I feel I'm versatile. Also have my CCRN. TNCC too, You?
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  11. by   YourLocalAsian
    My cumalative GPA is 3.87, summa cum laude.
    CCRN-CMC, Relief charge & new RN preceptor.
    2 years Level I Trauma MICU.
  12. by   ICUnurse395
    You've gotten into two programs already, you think my Stats are good?
  13. by   YourLocalAsian
    Yeah, you sound good. The only thing that I can think of is either community service, leadership role or serving on unit committee. During my first interview, I asked them what makes a successful candidate, they pointed out my GPA, leadership and the fact that I was on my unit council.
    PS: I also had many leadership roles during Nursing school.
  14. by   ICUnurse395
    As far as community service I've volunteered with EMS in the past as well as participated in triage at a large dental clinic in CT called mission of Mercy that provides free dental care to the underserved in CT each year. Also held a clinical coordinator position in an ambulatory surgery center which is entirely a leadership position but not within the hospital. Hopefully those will be things they consider