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I have a dilemma. I am hoping to apply to a crna program in about a year. I am currently a telemetry nurse, and as most of you know you need 1-2 yrs of crit care exp. before crna school. Here is... Read More

  1. by   BlakeS
    Just to clarify,
    Nurse anesthesia programs require "critical care experience" which the program themselves define. Could be any of the ICU's, ER, PACU, etc. Someone stated that CCU experience wouldn't be as good. That's simply not true. Any unit that will get you experience with vents, lines, vasopressors, and the extras (IABP, CRRT, etc) will be just fine. I'm proof of that along with many others. I don't think any one unit is best. It's what you make of the experience that counts, regardless of what special letters define your unit.