1. Hi!! Just wanted to start a form for those of us applying to FSU CRNA program starting fall 2018! Anyone else?!
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  3. by   hammerdown
    I plan to submit my application in the near future. Good luck!
  4. by   ICURN51011
    Hopefully we hear something soon!!
  5. by   ipd_RN92
    I have only just begun my application, but do intend to complete one by the December deadline! Best of luck to everyone applying!
  6. by   CCUnurse18
    I sent my application in in SEPT. Not sure when to expect to hear anything since deadline is Dec. but good luck to everyone!
  7. by   Aglawson85
    I submitted my application in the beginning of October! It states interviews begin mid January!! Hope we all hear something!! Good Luck!
  8. by   ICURN91011
    Hi! Has anyone heard back for an interview? I saw where one year they started sending out emails this week. Lets keep each other updated!
  9. by   Aglawson85
    I haven't heard anything either!! fingers crossed we hear something soon!!
  10. by   soontobCRNA
    Hello All!! Good luck to us, hopefully we will hear something soon!!!
  11. by   ipd_RN92
    Completed my application yesterday. Had some delays in getting my reference letters in. Will keep checking back to see what happens! Good luck to all who applied!
  12. by   Star.
    Hi guys! I also applied this year! Good luck everybody!
  13. by   Star.
    Quick update: I just called the program coordinator and she said we should all hear back by the 15th.😊
  14. by   ICURN51011
    Thank you for doing that!! Good to know a date!! Fingers crossed for us all on an interview. Does anyone know what the interview process has been like in the past? More clinical questions or personal?