for those who got in with NICU experience

  1. I am finishing up my BSN this year, set to graduate in May. I did an externship in an ICU this summer and was planning on doing my last clinical in the neonatal ICU... I just am more drawn to helping out the little babies. I know that SICU/CVICU is really preferred experience, and that I could get into school quickest with that type of experience. But my heart is really with helping out the little ones... for anyone who got into CRNA school with NICU experience, how many years did you have when you applied?? (or, if anyone can share stories of classmates they know that works too!) I'm just wondering if it is possible to get in with 2 years, because that is the amount I would aim to work in an adult ICU before starting the program.
    Thanks for any answers with your very busy lives!!!!
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  3. by   Shimano0606
    I'm a PICU nurse who got in with the military and I know of a couple of people with NICU experience who were accepted in years past. All the NICU folks were doing neonatal transport, ECMO, and volunteering for adult ICU deployments. Good things to showcase critical thinking. As far as total experience goes, I think they had 4-8 yrs total nursing experience. But, they also didn't have CRNA as a goal when they started in the NICU...that developed later. You may be able to do it on the shorter end if that's your goal.

    Good luck.

    Btw, PICU is a nice middle ground. My youngest pt was 3days old and my oldest was 26 yrs. On the whole we see more babies than adolescents, but the older kids give us a chance to use ACLS instead of PALS.
  4. by   BCRNA
    I had one year NICU, one year CCU. I only had about 18 months experience when I interviewed. Just depends on the program you want to go to. Some programs don't accept NICU, becuase of no vasoactive gtt experience. (It is a very limited list compared to adults). The number of years needed completely depends on the person. Just one year is good if everything else on your application is great. People who say you need several years are wrong, I personally think if it took several years to learn what you needed to know then you were too slow for anesthesia school. Whether you have 2 years or 10 years of experience, the level of performance and how quick you grasp onto the concepts are the most important.