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  1. I have two questions:

    1) I was considering applying to schools in Florida, you know the nice weather blaze not bad.... but the one major thing holding me back is the weather,for those who are applying or will be going to a schools in Florida are hurricanes as frequent as portrayed?

    2) I have heard people say they got recs. from Crna's and Anesthesiologists how,did you all accoplish that because I encounter them only on occasions when they are transporting patients to the unit. Are these recs from people shadowed, because I was under the impression recs have to be from someone who has worked side-side and clinically knows your capabilities.

    Thanks in advance for all replies.
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  3. by   zrmorgan
    I am a Barry U graduate. I was at the Orlando clinical site, and lived there during three hurricanes (or was it four?). Funny thing, I had the same question...when I did some research there were not any major storms for a few years before I got there. The other funny thing, there were not any hurricanes there the summer after I left...I suppose you should ask yourself if you feel lucky.

    The hurricanes are not that bad, especially if you are located inland (like Orlando). The worst part for me was getting used to the humidity during the summer time. Although it was only 85 at times...it often felt like 100, and I would sweat instantly upon stepping outdoors...those conditions existed from as early as mid april to as late as late october. I will be honest however,...I prefer the weather and hurricanes down there to the rain and earthquakes here in the northwest.

    Florida is a very good state to train in for CRNAs, there is a high need for providers, and a lot is expected from student anesthetists (ie you will work hard, and get a lot of cases).

    Hope this helps, good luck.
  4. by   mmc-rockstar
    Set up time to shaddow CRNAs or MDAs. Ask good questions and know your stuff ahead of time. If you get to know them, I am sure they'll write you a letter....remember, they've been in your shoes!!
  5. by   suarc
    Thanks for your replies, i will take them into account.