Excela Health Interview

  1. Mine's on October 9th. Anyone else going? Does anyone have advice, tips, recommendations for the critical care exam to be given during the interview?

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  3. by   statABG
    I was there on September 18th. It was an all day event, but they make it enjoyable. Start the morning with breakfast and a meet-and-greet with the faculty/staff and current/other prospective students. They give you a presentation on the school, the clinical sites, the profession, and what to expect from the program. They talk a lot about what they expect from their students as well. Around noon you get taken to St. Vincent College for a tour of the campus and lunch with the faculty that teach the didactic portion of the program. Very nice people. After that you get taken back to Latrobe hospital and take the clinical test. Think CCRN. If you passed that exam then you should be fine for the clinical exam. Then the interviews. I lost count of how many people were in the room, but they do a good job making you feel comfortable. No clinical questions, general "get to know you" sort of stuff. Just be confident yet humble. They want people that are eager to learn, accountable, and that will represent the program and the profession well in the community. All in all, it was a good day. Good luck to you.
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    Hey StatABG, did you get a call today? I did and am accepted...w00t!
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    I got the call today and was accepted!! I'm so excited!
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    Congrats agil! What a relief, huh?
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    Congrats !