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  1. I have a question for anyone who has or is attending the Excela Health Program in Latrobe, Pa. On the website for Excela Health and the website for the university supporting the program there is no mention of needing the GRE or the MAT. Does anyone know what their policy is? I am going to contact the program if no one knows but I wanted to ask here first and their opinions on the program please. Thanks in advance!!!!!
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  3. by   calirn2006
    No they do now require GRE scores. I have an interview there next week. Keep in touch I'll let you know how it goes! Best of luck
  4. by   calirn2006
    Just to let you know I went to my interview at Excela Health. The school is in an odd location to me...but the people are great! Very friendly and it seems like a very supportive school that is for the students. Best of luck applying!
  5. by   ccusherry
    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I actually know 3 people from my unit who attended the program but they attended before Excela Health assumed the program. Unfortunately they have all taken positions out of the area and I have lost contact with them. I do remember that they said that the 1st semester is fairly easy, you only attend class 2 days a week and you do not go to the OR until the end. The 2nd semester is the exact opposite. Nathan told me that if you can make it through the 2nd semester that you have it made. Let me know what happens. I will sending out my applications this fall. Thanks again!!!!