Excela CRNA 2017

  1. Hello all! Just wondering if anyone is applying to Excela's CRNA program for class starting in 2017. Hope to hear from y'all.
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  3. by   Jay-Y
    I too am applying, looking forward to hearing something soon!
  4. by   mi_top_rn
    I applied as well. I think they will be calling us on the 15th or 16th of sept to invite us for an interview if we make the cut.
  5. by   greysee7
    God willing, we will all hear something soon!
  6. by   SICUmurse
    I applied as well. Has anyone heard if they were granted an interview yet?
  7. by   Jay-Y
    Hey, I called today and was informed that the admissions committee will be meeting tomorrow and that we should expect a call Friday,Monday or Tuesday in regards to Interviews!
  8. by   greysee7
    Awesome! Thanks for looking into it!
  9. by   ryleea1
    Hello, I got a call yesterday for an interview! They call in alphabetical order according to last name.
  10. by   ryleea1
    What are your guy's credentials? Where are you from? Good luck!
  11. by   greysee7
    I got a call this morning! Congrats to you!!
  12. by   Jay-Y
    Wow, congrats to you both! Sadly my last name starts with a "Y" so maybe I'll get a call by Tuesday if I am lucky. How soon are interviews being done?
  13. by   zohhamaze
    Called them and they said all interview offers have been sent. They had 200+ applicants this year and are only interviewing 60 for 30-35 spots. If you didn't get a call then you are more than likely to be rejected.
  14. by   Faith1133
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