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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to get some ideas on what is on the science exam, given at nurse anesthesia school, prior to being interviewed? What can I review beforehand? What are some interview questions? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Akay1717
    Hello! And welcome to the exciting world of nurse anesthesia.

    I recently graduated from a program in New England and I did not have to take a science exam so unfortunately I cannot speak to that specifically. But as far as important concepts to know: Receptors (alpha, beta, dopamine), know the pressors (dopamine, epi, etc), & hemodynamic monitoring (alines, CVP). I don't know if you took the CCRN but that kind of content is important.

    I can also share some advice on the interview. The buzz word these days is Emotional Intelligence so google that concept and see how you can emulate that. Also show that you have been preparing your life for school--making changes to your finances i.e. cutting back, show that you have a good social support system in place, etc. And write down some stories when you've been in critical care patient situations detailing what you learned, what you did wrong, how these experiences have prepared you for school... Then when you're asked you'll have a list of fresh stories in your head to pull from.

    Be confident but teachable, breathe, ask them questions too, and be excited.

    Good luck and let me know if you have another questions. You will do great!
  4. by   Akay1717
    Also check out this link: Become a CRNA The AANA website has great content for aspiring CRNA's. Theres an article about preparing for the interview.