Crna School??????????

  1. Ok y'all, I need any advice you can give on which direction to take my nursing career. I have had the hardest time with making this decision.

    Choice #1: CRNA School
    Choice #2: FNP School

    Just a bit of background info: I went to nursing school in the first place to go to CRNA School. The hospital required one year of med-surg prior to transferring to ICU, which is what I did. After only eight months in an SICU, my husband and I moved for him to start med school. During the first two years, I was able to do occasional 4-8 week contracts in a CICU. We moved again in 2004, where up until May of 2006, I worked in a neuro-intensive care unit for two years. I have not worked since then. I am 31 and we are trying to start a family. Can you go to CRNA School, be a good spouse/parent and maintain good grades?

    Anyway, my dilemma is which way to go- CRNA or FNP. I know that despite being in Critical Care for some time, I still get very nervous with extremely sick patients and often ask other nurses for their opinions in matters (I know that CRNA's need to be confident and have the ability to act immediately in critical situations). Also, I lack code experience, as we rarely had codes in NICU. Not to mention that the next class starts in Fall 2008 (if I get in). Also, we live over an hour from the program. The clinical aspect can be completed in my home town hospital.

    Furthermore, I have not belonged to any nursing organizations nor have I done any volunteer work since college. Does this weigh heavily on admission selections? My understanding is that CRNA School is extremely competitive.

    As for being a nurse practitioner, the next class starts in Fall 2007 and is online; clinicals are done in the home town. My husband would finish his residency around the same time I would complete the FNP program. Most likely, I would then work with him.

    Is it crazy that this is such a hard decision? I know that the pro's to being a CRNA are not only the great salaries, but the multitude of available jobs, not to mention the 96% job satisfaction (isn't that correct?). Nurse practitioners, for the same amount of time spent in school make much less and the job market has dwindled (in the case that I did not work with my husband).

    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    .......My understanding is that CRNA School is extremely competitive. .......
    Frankly, all other considerations aside, if you do not have the burning desire to become a CRNA, my advice is: don't waste your time.