CRNA question?

  1. I am thinking about going to CRNA school after obtaining my BSN. I saw the requirement is minimum of 1 year experience in ICU, but my classmates from nursing school told me that 1 year experience is minimum experience and they actually require at least 5 years of working experience in ICU. Do they really look for someone with 5 years of working experience? I thought that 5 years was too long.
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  3. by   sigiris
    Yes, one year is minimum, and I know people who were admitted with the minimum. I would say about 3 years is average.
  4. by   Double-Helix
    It depends on the program. 1 is a bare minimum. In my opinion, you need at least several years of ICU experience- and general nursing experience- in order to have the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful CRNA.
  5. by   tiffie275
    One year is the accreditation boards minimum, a lot of what is really preferred depends on the program you are applying for and your medical experience. I got accepted with only 1 year icu, but have 3 years or ando 8 as a paramedic that was factored in by the programs I applied with.
  6. by   Talon2006
    I am at 8 months ICU experience and have been accepted to two schools. I think I had an advantage with prior military training though. They look at you as a person, and determine if they want you. Never hurts to bust your but and apply early!