CRNA Programs w/ Clinicals in one local area?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm researching CRNA programs that have clinicals within one local area. I'd like to focus my applications to programs where my family and I could rent a home in the area where the CRNA program is for the entire time I would be in the program - i.e. I wouldn't be doing clinicals all over the state and neighboring states and have to secure new housing when clinicals changed.

    I know that Mercer University in Macon, GA has all its SRNA clincals within one medical center located in Macon. Are there other programs with a similar setup, or at least have all clinicals within a local area?

    Thank you for your help!

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  3. by   piper_for_hire
    All of the schools I talked to in the Philadelphia/South New Jersey area have all of the clinical sites within 30 minutes of each other. My school has about a dozen sites spread all over so they work with you based on your location. There is one program in New Jersey - UMDNJ - that only has one clinical site in Camden NJ.

  4. by   AmiK25
    The University of Cincinnati has all clinicals in the Cincinnati area, with most being at University Hospital on campus. The farthest site away from downtown is 30 minutes.
  5. by   AdonaiLoveable
    Thank you both for responding!

  6. by   North Cacalacky
    I start the CRNA program at Arkansas State in Jonesboro Arkansas in January. The first four months of the program, classes are 5 days a week in Jonesboro. The last 24 months (program is 28 months) I will be in Memphis Tennessess for clinical 4 days week, only have to go to Jonesboro one day a week and this only lasts from about 1-2 semesters. Jonesboro and Memphis are about 65 miles apart. The last 24 months in Memphis will be nice since we will use 6 hospitals in city(St Judes!!, LaBonheur, Methodist, Baptist, VA hospital and another I can't think of off the top of my head). Some people will stay in Jonesboro, others will go to the Little Rock area during their 24 months, but you can request! Hope that helps you. Good luck!
  7. by   AdonaiLoveable
    Thanks for sharing about your school, North Cacalacky. And best wishes to you as you begin your degree this January! Congrats in getting in! I start in CVICU this January (once my little newborn is big enough for me to trust her in someone else's care) so it will be almost two years before I have enough experience to apply to schools, but I'm already doing the research!

    Thanks again,

  8. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Missouri State University' s program all takes place in Springfield, MO
  9. by   gatormac2112
    Uab Uab Uab
  10. by   GINA1028
    The Gooding Institute in Panama City, Florida does all clinicals locally. Not a bad place to be for 28-months:-)
  11. by   AdonaiLoveable
    Thanks for continuing to give out the names of schools that have clinicals within a local area. Deeply appreciated! Especially GINA1028's could you wrong living in sunny Florida for a couple of years?

  12. by   passgasser
    Newman University, Wichita Kansas. All clinical sites in Wichita.
  13. by   UTRN2005
    Baylor and UT Houston all take place in Houston. However they are both highly competitive. Baylor took 14 this year and I heard a rumor that UT was taking 9.
  14. by   GINA1028
    I believe all nurse anesthesia programs are competitive. I here that Gooding is taking 18 this year. Up a bit from the last few years.