crna preparation beyond nursing curric.

  1. My question is, with the importance of chemistry, physics, and mathematics in CRNA school, should i be investigating re-taking any classes that I took 5+ yrs ago? I took these classes in college in about 1999-2000, my first yr or two of college.

    I have some ICU experience and a 4.0 in grad school but just looking for any tips...
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  3. by   berry
    I would consider retaking the classes you have a B in also the schools I interviewed with liked the fact I had grad level patho and pharm, just a thought if you have 2 years worth of time to knock out a few classes.
  4. by   brianjones
    I do have grad level pathophysiology and pharmacology. A's in both. does that change the analysis of retaking chem or physics? any advice appreciated.
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  5. by   passgasser
    Sounds to me like you probably don't need to retake the chem or the physics. There are two things you could do to find out. I think there are some college level chem and physics refresher courses on CR-ROM out there. Pick one of those up, and go through them, see how much of the information you retained. Second, contact the directors of the schools that you have highest on your "list" to attend. Find out what they think. Chances are that if your classes were recent enough that you did not have to retake them for nursing school, a CRNA program won't need you to retake them either. Many, if not most, CRNA programs have a class or classes that cover chemistry and physics as they relate to anesthesia, and that class will be required.