1. I've been perusing a job at a large hospital here that does heart transplants and they're hiring 2 grads to work in their CICU. It seems like this would be a much better experience than working in a medical ICU somewhere, but how do the CRNA schools see it?

    I talked to one CRNA who said he started out in CICU but then he moved to MICU. He said CICU was where he learned his cardiac meds and rhythms... but he didn't say why he switched to MICU.
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  3. by   smileyRn96
    The programs in my area of NC seem to have a strong affinity for surgical icu, cardiothoracic especially. So much so that many new staff hired into CTICU are CRNA wannabes. Duke University now requires a 2 year agreement with the CTICU for new hires, because so many start and 6-8 months get accepted into CRNA school and leave.
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    MICU gives you excellent medical management of many kinds of sick pts, much more so than just hearts.. i do agree that hearts are good experience, especially with lines and drips... not all pts are hearts in the OR during anesthesia. many have other morbidities and comorbidities, so this is where MICU comes in.. i got my major experience in SICU, which i have found that many programs like to see... overall, a good ICU with sick pts will give you a good learning curve and a good shot at getting in.
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