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  1. by   CCTN
    Got the same email. 14 more days to go!!!! Fingers crossed.
  2. by   CCTN
    Anybody get an email yet?
  3. by   TunnelVision7
    Nothing @CCTN
  4. by   MICURN19
    Just wondering if anybody ended up hearing anything today? Is it suppose to be an email or phone call?
  5. by   TunnelVision7
    Nothing @MICURN19
  6. by   MICURN19
    Hmmm I'm a little shocked if I didn't get an interview, I think I'll email them tomorrow to confirm. I'll let you know what they say.
  7. by   TunnelVision7
    Ok @MICURN19
  8. by   CCTN
    I emailed them last night and this is what I got.

    "After contacting the Program Assistant in the NA Department, I was told that they have had multiple issues with the review online system. Therefore, the review pool is still being reviewed. Further, a change in interview dates is being considered. Eligible students will be notified by weeks end."

    Hopefully we get to find out by Friday.
  9. by   Rocuronium
    Thank you for the update!
  10. by   Cardiac Aficionado
    You are all amazing. Thank you for starting this thread, and sharing the updates. Best of luck in this process to everyone of us!!
  11. by   MICURN19
    I got the exact same response when I emailed to!
  12. by   CCTN
    My application profile page got updated to "NA Interview". Does anybody know what it means?
  13. by   TunnelVision7
    @CCTN maybe nurse anesthesia interview!! Congrats if so!!