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  1. Hi, I'm Brad. I've been thinking about CRNA as my ultimate goal of career fulfillment, as it has all the aspects of "fulfillment" and I haven't heard a single negative comment. However, being the sceptic and realistic person I am, I want someone to tell me if I should or should not pursue the CRNA dream! Ok, I know that this is probably not possible, but advice is welcome! OK here is my profile...
    I am a routine 92% student. I will graduate in May 07 with ASN (yay).
    Concern #1: A 92 in my nursing program is considered a straight B, yes a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. I consider this a little harsh. Most of my classmates are trying to avoid failing, while I am trying to establish credentials for grad school. I question the validity of the scale. Am I making excuses, or would this be something to bring up in an interview with a prospective CRNA school? I feel that my 92% average in an 8 credit ADN course should be equivelant (and no, spelling is not my forte) to a 3.5 GPA. Which of course would be much more competitive for gaining entry to CRNA school versus a 3.0. Anyone feeling sorry for me? haha
    Ok, I work currently as a CNA in a critical care unit, ICU and PCU, and have done so for over a year. In addition, I worked as a CNA for nursing homes, giving me an additional year of experience. I feel this has given me ample med-surg experience to potentiate going right into a critical care fellowship upon graduation. (I observed the RN's, and at times participated in all aspects of care)
    Concern #2: How and when will I know that I am a "well-qualified" candidate for CRNA school?
    I am a nontraditional student. I have over 30 credits from a previous encounter with college (majoring in business). This is something I think will prove to be beneficial in the real world only, and of course with gen-eds in RN-BSN program. I have worked since I was 16, and have over 15 years of customer service experience. I am married. I have finances to consider, and realize the concerns of CRNA school (i.e., not being able to work for at least two years...My wife will be graduating and be working as a dental hygentist prior to my admission...) Yep. Taken it all into consideration, and still I cannot make up my mind....Advice needed!
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  3. by   jackson74
    I can only tell you about my experience. I was recently accepted to a CRNA program, I will be beginning Aug. 07. I finished my ADN in 2000 with a 3.6gpa. However, in the nursing classes I only made 1 A, and that was in psych. The peripheral classes like A&P, microbiology, etc. brought up my gpa. I feel your pain regarding the strict grade scale at your school. I too, am a 92% kind of guy and my school's scale was exactly the same as yours.

    In my RN to BSN program, A's were very easy to come by and therefore I made a 4.0 cumulative gpa in those classes. In addition, I have 6 years of icu experience spread between neuro, sicu, micu...some teaching hospitals and some rural hospitals. I also obtained the ccrn certification last year, shadowed a crna, spent countless hours studying srna/crna forums online, and made a decent score on my GRE.

    Some suggestions: once you become an RN, get a job in a large teaching hospital CVICU or SICU. Stay there, kiss the managers butt, befriend the MD's, serve on committee's, etc. Find an RN to BSN program where students making A's are the norm. Study for and pass the CCRN. Shadow a CRNA for several shifts (enough to get him to write you a letter of reccommendation).

    Regarding being a nontraditional student: I am 32 with 2 kids and a wife that makes <$10.00 hour. So how am I going to pay for school? 1)I rented our home, bought a trailer with cash, and moved to a trailer I'll have no mortgage payment during school 2) I chose a school where I could get in state tuition (entire school costs < $20,000), 3) Student loans and grants...Just ask bad do I want this and what am I willing to do to get there?.....Good Luck!
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    Thank you so much for your perspective. I think that, like you, my post-ADN (RN-BSN) will be an an "attainable" 4.0. By the way, congrats on acceptance! I am considering a more affordable RN-to-BSN school, one that is online, so I am hoping that higher grades are readily available if the effort is visible. I plan on ONLY applying to in-state schools...of course PA has the most CRNA schools available, and probably the highest demand. So I suppose I may luck out there. While doing my RN-BSN I intend on gaining at least two years of ICU experience. If all goes well, I will be enrolling in a critical care fellowship that gives me two and a half years experience by the time my BSN is completed. At that point, my wife should have her degree and be able to relocate wherever she wants. And hopefully I will be able to live in a trailer court, assuming no debt of course! Trailers don't bother me, unless I live in a wind tunnel! But we are both willing to make sacrifices to reach our ultimate goals...To be honest though, I am still pondering CRNA vs. Psychiatric NP. I absolutely loved my psych rotation. BUT...CRNA is of course more prestigious and lucrative, and more male-oriented from what i've experienced. I like 'em both...still kinda crossed. I guess how I do in the RN-to BSN portion, and how I perform in critical care will help determine my future. Thanks again.