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  1. Has anyone heard back regarding interviews for the Kaiser program?
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  3. by   ICURN2CRNA
    The letters went out, you should receive information this week. You will get a letter either way, if you get invited for an interview or if you didn't. The interviews are in the the second and third week of february. There were about 400 applicants and 80 will be invited for an interview and around 37-40 will be accepted for the next class. Good luck.
  4. by   cxy02
    Thanks for posting a reply I was waiting for a letter too. I haven't heard anything yet.
  5. by   jma06
    Got my letter on Friday. Good luck to everyone else waiting on one!!!
  6. by   S2kapexlover
    Do the interview letters go out first before the denied letters?
  7. by   huggies
    Does anyone know what the interview is like for Kaiser?
    How long is the interview and how many people will be interviewing each applicant?
    What types of questions? Are they geared towards clinical knowledge or more towards finding out your personality?
    Is there a test or written exam? (I've read that some schools have these.)
    If anyone knows any more about Kaiser's interview process, please post a reply and add anything else you think would be helpful. It'd be greatly appreciated.
  8. by   jma06
    I am not sure how they do it. If you haven't heard anything yet, call them. They are really good at getting back to people.
  9. by   calirn2006
    :spin: Anyone interviewing for Kaiser on Feb 15th? Just helps to know someone to talk to while you are waiting for the interview to help calm the nerves!!! Best of luck to everyone!
    They send interview letters first, then the denied letters.
  11. by   ICURN2CRNA
    I am a SRNA at Kaiser. They send out all letters at the same time. Interviews are February 8,9,15,16. 80 will be interviewed and about 36-40 will be accepted with a few alternates. The interview is between 15-20 minutes. You may be asked certain questions about your experience, schooling, hospital you work at, it all depends on your application. There will be about 12 people (board), the kaiser instructors, MDAs, CRNAs, CSUF faculty, and junior and senior SRNAs.

    Good luck. If you get in message me.
    I called KPSA today because I haven't received a letter to interview or to say thanks but no thanks, and I live in the Los Angeles area. I spoke with Sandra, and she stated what I quoted above.
    I'm now assuming I will be receiving a denial letter soon. Oh well! I'll resubmit next year!
  13. by   S2kapexlover
    I called Kpsan and was told that letters were sent out for interviews on Jan 4th. Cal State Fullerton takes care of the other letters of those who did not receive an interview. I was unable to get the date of when those other letters were sent out.
  14. by   cxy02
    It's okay heartnlungsrn I didn't get a reply too but I will definitely apply again next year. Good luck to those of you who got an interview. I called Michael Boytim and he said it's a good idea to call back after when I receive a confirmation of a denied acceptance to see what I can improve on for the next year. If you need his number you can check the kpsan or CSUF website. And thanks everyone else for the helpful info.