Bloomsburg, PA CRNA program 2014 - page 3

Hey everyone, Just accepted a seat in the 2014 CRNA program at geisinger/bloomsburg. Looking to meet some of my future classmates. Excited to start school and if you are in this program, send me a... Read More

  1. by   Aceman88
    I was told it was around 30 people.
  2. by   murse619
    Another day goes by lol. Any updates?
  3. by   Aceman88
  4. by   murse619
    I hope no news is good news haha
  5. by   murse619
    How's it going out there everyone?!
  6. by   JKL586
    I didn't hear anything yet from Bloom either. I tried calling and it goes to voice mail automatically which is weird..
  7. by   Aceman88
    I spoke with someone on Wed and they said they were hoping to get the letters out by the end of the week.
  8. by   JKL586
    I thought they were going to call first to offer a seat, then we had to respond right away, then get a letter. Hmm....
  9. by   murse619
    That's what I thought too...hopefully whatever they are sending are letters of acceptance haha. Best of luck everyone
  10. by   murse619
    You guys receive anything? I tried calling but it went to the automated system.
  11. by   JKL586
    i haven't received anything yet. I tried calling too and it went to an automated system as well.
  12. by   murse619
    Hmm kinda strange. ...It's been more than a month now. Anybody else got any updates?
  13. by   JKL586
    nothing yet. i don't think it's good news.