Becoming a CRNA !

  1. I will be starting school this sept. for my RN. I have did much research on becoming a CRNA and the job seems to be absolutely perfect for me.
    Problem is, i was the kid in high school who took the easy classes and shop classes. In reality can anyone become a CRNA. From what i understand there is not an excessive amount of math, mainly science (which greatly interests me) which makes sense. What should i be doing to get into a CRNA program. I do understand this not easy at all and will be the hardest thing i ever do !! And im aware there are several things i should be doing to prep myself to get into a program, etc. How hard is it to get into a CRNA program. ? ( i live in michigan near detroit)

    Thanks alot for any help at all . umpiron:
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    No one at all ? .....
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    Before you do anything, shadow an RN to make sure it is the field for you.
    Read the sticky FAQ's at the top of the forum for nearly all the info you need at this stage of the game. Let me just address some of your statements. First, not anyone can become a CRNA. It is competitive, difficult, and there are deserving applicants that are turned down every year. Recognizing this, you start now laying groundwork for a successful application. Going for an RN is not easy and you should focus on getting the most knowlege you can from your science/physiology prereq's. If you are the type to take the easy road there is some good news- You are young and can change! As you said, there is no easy road to CRNA!
    If Detroit is like most areas of the country, you will need to perform exceptionally in your nursing prereq's just to get into an RN program. Then you will need to do well in your nursing curriculum to gain entry into an ICU. Then shine as an ICU nurse for at least a year, then you can begin the application process to CRNA school. As for what CRNA school is like, search these boards for other posts from students currently in programs (As I am starting in June and am not in a position to offer insights right now.)
    Good luck on your journey!
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    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it :spin: